How to Obey the Holy Spirit

These blog articles are for Christian or non-christian who wants a deeper understanding and insight about the kingdom of God. I believe these inspired articles will shift your thinking and cultivate your spirit to know and understand your role and purpose on this earth.

We are living in a generation wherein people are lawless, rebellious, and just want to have their way in society. I believe the greatest treason or crime an individual can ever commit is rebellion and disobedience against the government and the person Kingdom of God. Within the frame of the earth, the law within the country is constituted for people to abide by and follow. These laws were instituted so that crime and every unlawful act against its society can be avoided. No natural law is instituted to confuse but it was put in place so that order can be maintained and that justice is upheld. If the law of a country is rejected by its citizens you can guarantee that that country will plunge into chaos and confusion. No one will desire to visit that country.

When it comes to the spiritual laws of the Kingdom of God; it was given to mankind to keep them safe and secure in the will of God. The Spirit of God uniquely created and institutes spiritual laws for everything in and on the earth and in Heaven, and this was done to maintain spiritual order and balance. Even the trees, the seas, the stars, the moon, and the sun have spiritual laws to keep them in check and balance.  These laws are spiritual because although you cannot see them yet they are present; the Lord spoke them into being by His words and we all know that the word of God is spirit and life.

The law of the sun was for it to light the day but when the law of the night appears the sun has to obey its law by giving the night its place. The law of the moon and the stars takes effect and carries its purpose in the natural as soon as the night appears and if they disobeyed its law it would put everything out of balance and cause inevitable natural chaos and disaster on the earth and in the heavens. Let’s say the moon was to move closer or further away from the earth can you imagine the unforeseen flooding and earthquakes that would happen.

The law of the trees was for them to give shelter and food to the creatures of the earth which also includes mankind. If the trees were to break that law; can you imagine the death and chaos that would be on the earth there would be no food for people and animals to eat. Let’s look at the law of the sea- the sea was created to maintain life by giving and preserving the life that lives in its water and also on the land. Can imagine if it was to break its law? You can guarantee that the whole earth would be destroyed; that is the reason for the command of the seas not to break its shores because the Lord knows that without this law there would be death and chaos on the earth.

The law of God is perfect and without it, there would be nothing still in existence on the earth. Can you imagine if the law of the rain (which was to give life blessing to the earth) was to disobey its law and say to itself that it will no longer water the earth? Think of the death and chaos that would be in and on the earth. Although the Lord created everything uniquely special, for the survival of all, they have to work together in unity. Just as God made these laws for the natural earth’s survival, the Lord also made unique spiritual laws to govern the acts and lives of mankind. No man is a law unto himself but he was created by God to obey and follow Him. Anywhere on earth where there are disobedience and rebellion to God’s rules and law you can be sure that chaos and anarchy will be present.

The will of God is for every single person on earth to hear and obey Him; the words that are written in the pages of the Bible aren’t there by mistake but they are thereby the supernatural inspiration of the Holy Spirit to govern us so that we could have the peace and protection God in our lives. Scripture tells us that many perish because of a lack of Godly knowledge. It doesn’t matter in what state or position you might be in right now; you need to know that you were created by God to hear and obey every word that proceeds from His mouth. Just as disobedience to the law of the land carries judgment and punishment if it is broken there is also punishment and judgment if the words of God are broken.

When mankind rebelled against God and had to face wrath without any way of escaping; the Lord in His mercies sent His only begotten son to die in their place, so that he could put mankind back in their rightful place which in the end would lead to the Kingdom of heaven. Soon after Jesus had done His redemptive work on earth, He went back to heaven to sit at the right hand of God the Father where He makes intercession on behalf of His redeemed children.

Although Jesus did make all the wrongs of men right in the eyes of the Father yet He knew that if He didn’t send His Spirit to the earth to live in the heart of His redeemed children; they wouldn’t, within their natural selves, be able to hear and obey Him in its fullness. The Holy Spirit came to empower God’s children with the grace to function as God’s ambassador on the earth. However, if the believer chooses not to obey the Holy Spirit then slowly it would lead to their spiritual death (spiritual disconnect from God Spirit) which would continue to their physical death.

The Lord can take anybody from a pit of sorrow to a palace; when He took the children of Israel out of Egypt, He didn’t do it only because of their pain but He did it because of a promise made to Abraham their forefather. When God makes a promise, you can be sure He is going to keep His end of that promise. All the children of Israel that were in Egypt before Moses led them out found themselves there; that means it wasn’t their choice residence. What I am trying to say is that it wasn’t that present generation that disobeyed God in person but it was their forefather’s rebellion. But although they were there because of their forefather’s sin yet they came out for the reason of a promise made to Abraham and for the reason of their obedience to rebel against Pharaoh to follow Moses into the wilderness. If you were to look at your own life, you would realize that some of the problems that you are battling with didn’t start with you but with your fore-parents. But by your faith and obedience to God; you will be able to leave your Egypt.

The Lord told Moses that once He obeys Him, He will make his name great (Deuteronomy 4:1-27, I believe the Lord is saying the same thing to us today that if you and I will hear and obey His words, He will make our name great among men. He will preserve us and make everything we touch a blessing. He wants to make you the envy of your peers and the requirement to access this promise is obedience to God’s words. Can you imagine that everything that the Lord created on Earth was for you and is still in your authority but it is your choice whether or not to take it? You have all the authority in Christ Jesus to act on behalf of God on the earth but there is only one way to redeem that right and that is to make Jesus your focus and give access to His Spirit (Holy Spirit) to re-wire your spirit and mind so that you can become the mighty vessel that He had created you to be on the earth.

God told Jeremiah that all He wants His people to do is to obey Him and He will be the God of their life. No king will go all the way to protect a person who continuously breaks his law and the statutes of his kingdom. In the same way, God cannot and will not represent you if you continue to live in sin and trample His laws and statutes under your feet. As children of God our heavenly Father requires full obedience. It doesn’t matter how much you give to the work of the Lord if you don’t obey Him, it is as if you haven’t given. Obedience is one of the most powerful virtues within the spiritual realm; even within Satan’s kingdom obedience is required.

In reality, every person living on earth has to obey someone; it will be either God or Satan. It doesn’t matter if you know and believes it is natural but within this spiritual systematic rule is it automatic. A person will either follow God and allow Him to lead him to green pastures or they will obey Satan and allow him to lead them to bondages. Throughout the whole wilderness experience of the children of Israel; the plan of God was for them to be led by His Spirit; He wanted to teach them how to hear and obey Him so that they could receive His wealth and prosperity. In the same way today the Holy Spirit wants to teach us the things of God so that we can walk as Christ walked and live-in peace and comfort in this life and the next.

If you and I choose to hear and obey God’s words for our lives we will never lack anything good. We will receive everything that belongs to God and all we have to do is to make the Holy Spirit the center of our lives. I will tell you the truth; It is very possible for a Christian believer to allow the Holy Spirit to do some work in the own spirit but yet they don’t allow Him to work on their mindset. It is possible to see a Christian in the church speaking in tongues and moving in the spirit but yet their destiny is unfulfilled because their mind is at the same place as it was before they met the Lord. The mindset is the battlefield where all major decisions are made to either obey or disobey God. Hundreds of books could be written on the power of one’s mindset; it is a world unto itself, a person’s mind either builds them up or destroys them. What I am trying to bring to your attention is that obedience to God can bring you to the place of a king and disobeying Him can take you to a place where jackals and wolves lie. No one will ever walk in and manifest the abundant blessings of God without obeying Him.

The more a child of God obeys the word and the Spirit of God is the more they will be used by Him. Let us take a look at the fruit of the Spirit, the more a believer submits himself for the Holy Spirit to lead him, the more that believer will grow in love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance. All the Spirit of God needs is your cooperation. If you are willing to make your body a living sacrifice; holy and acceptable before the Lord I can promise that there will no limits to where the Lord in His power will take you.

As we read earlier in Jeremiah 7:21-23 God values obedience more than He does sacrifice. Jesus is not looking at how much you sacrifice to Him but He is looking at how much you love Him, He is not looking at how many offerings you have given but He is looking at your obedience to Him. You honor the Lord through your obedience to His word and His Spirit. The more you submit to the Holy Spirit, the more you will manifest the fruit of the Spirit in your life. Another example we can use is the gifts of the Spirit. All these gifts are given by the Spirit of God; they are all supernatural. There are the power gifts (gift of miracles, the gift of healings, and the gift of faith), then you have the revelation gifts (the word of knowledge, the word of wisdom, and the discerning of spirits and finally you have the gifts of utterance (different kinds of tongues, the interpretation of tongues and prophecy); all of these comes from without, that means you didn’t receive them at birth. Although you might have these gifts working in your life, if you don’t live a life of obedience to God they will never function as the Spirit would have it.

Let us look at the revelation gifts which consist of the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, and discerning spirit; all these are the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and for them to function properly you have to be in-tune with the frequency of the Holy Spirit. This is made possible through your submission and obedience to the Holy Spirit. If you were to stop obeying and submitting yourself to Him two things would start to happen which will then prevent these gifts from functioning in the trueness of God’s Spirit:

  1. The first thing that will happen is that the enemy or your mind will prevent the flow of the revelation. The reason is because of the blockage of the pathway that takes God’s insight into your spirit and from your spirit to mind then to God’s people. Once a believer’s mindset is not in-tune with the flow of the revelation that comes from the Holy Spirit this will lead to the corrupting of that revelation. Obedience and submission to God’s Spirit will open the pathway that takes God’s revelation to His people. What you need to know is that the revelation you receive from God is not for you but God’s people. You are only a vessel used to carry this revelation.
  1. The next thing that will happen is that disobedience will cause a disconnection from the Holy Spirit who transports the revelation of God. God is Holy and He only dwells in holiness and because of this, the Lord will not give His revelation to someone He will not use for His glory. But a person who is living in disobedience will mostly pollute God’s revelation; which in turn will cause hurt and sorrow to God’s children. None of these gifts will reach maturity without obedience to God’s word and Spirit by the empowered believer. No one can truly love the Lord walking in total submission to His Spirit and still be walking in rebellion and disobedience to God. Everything in God is rooted in love because the Kingdom of God is love. That means that since we are children of God, we must also walk-in love and if love is in us, obedience should also be present.


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