Is God’s word really important?

These blog articles are for Christian or non-christian who wants a deeper understanding and insight about the kingdom of God. I believe these inspired articles will shift your thinking and cultivate your spirit to know and understand your role and purpose on this earth.

We are privileged to have the word of God: the most potent force in this world and beyond. Before the beginning of time, God’s word has been forging and creating things as He would want them; the Lord had articulated His words in a way that cause things to happen. In creation, we learned that when the Spirit of God moves to survey a situation and make a decision on what to do about that situation, the Lord would then speak and cause His word to manifest what had been spoken.

The Lord takes His word very seriously; when He speaks, whatever He says must come to pass and nothing or no one can alter it so there it does not manifest (Isaiah 55:11 ). The word of God is so important that the Lord declared that His word is even greater than all His names (Psalms 138:2). A person of any powerful kingdom knows the weight of the word that the king carries; they know the king’s word demands obedience and reverence. If the king makes a decree and no one respects or lives by that same decree, it won’t take long for that kingdom to fall. Every kingdom is ruled by authority and established by power; the word is that authority, and carrying out the word is the power.

In the same way, God’s word is His final authority whatever the Lord speaks, based on how you receive it, it will either set you free, or those same words will judge you. Many of God’s children only base their lives on Calvary victory; they believe that the cross is enough to take them to Heaven, so they do not take the words of scripture to heart. They never allow the Holy Bible to become alive in them; they walk each day powerless because only the illuminated word of God can empower a person. Yes, surely, I believe that the name of Jesus is most vital to our walk with God, but if it stops there, one would surely still lack knowledge. You might have heard that the Lord is called by the name the good Sheppard (John 10:11- 18), the great Immanuel (God with us Isaiah 7:14), Elohim (infinite and powerful), El Shaddai (God Almighty Genesis 49:24), El Elyon (the most high Deuteronomy 26:19), El Roi (the God who sees Genesis 16:13), or the ancient of days (Daniel 7:9). The names one might have heard speaking of God’s character and personality do matter, yet His word is more important.

Here are ten scriptures that teach God’s word and what it does to those who live by it.

  1. The word is light (Psalm 119:50); it gives light to all who need
  2. God’s spoken word is enough (Matthew 8:8 ). His spoken word is enough to break, build, or plant.
  1. The word expels death (John 8:51 ). No death can touch those who have heard the word because the word gives life sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high). If you remove the word of God, everything else will fall because the word is what raises or causes things to fall.
  1. The word must be next with faith (Hebrew 4:2 ). The word is powerful on its own, but for it to manifest in your life, you need both faith and the word in unison.
  1. God’s word is the truth (John17:17 ). It does matter whose word you listen to. If it isn’t the word of God, it is surely mixed with
  2. God’s word is a seed (Luke 8:11 ). The word of God is a seed; what you do with it will determine the
  3. God’s word will stand forever (Isaiah 40:8 ). It does matter what is falling around you, and the word will never fall because it is eternal.
  1. God’s word is a living force (Hebrew 4:12 F). The word gives life to any dead situation. It quickens everything it comes in contact with.
  1. God’s word is a dip in the blood (Revelation 19:13 ). The word that is a dip in the blood of Jesus causes things to shift from natural to supernatural. Now you know the foundational principle of the word of God. Let us go a little deeper; first of all, God does nothing on Earth or in Heaven without His word. Also, God does nothing in Heaven on the Earth without Jesus. So, what is the connection between Jesus and the word? We know that God’s Spirit always moves before His spoken word manifests; according to scripture, God caused His surveying spirit to move upon a virgin girl named Mary, and the overshadowing power of the Holy Spirit caused the created power of the word that was already in Mary to impregnate her womb. First, you must understand that the word was already in Mary, but the spirit moved to empower it. In the book of Genesis, we learned that in the beginning, God spoke His word, and in the first chapter of John, we learned that the word was with God and the word is also God (John 1:1, ) and further down John said that the Word became flesh and dowelled among us. Jesus, who was the spoken word, came and rebuilt the bridge to God so that man could reunite with the heavenly Father. It is only when man unites with God that the impossible becomes possible and the natural becomes supernatural. Although Jesus is the express image of God, nothing is upheld, except by His words; not even His name is greater than His word.

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